I'm trying to add dark mode

Thanks to everyone who helped,
I’m new to this one and I searched but couldn’t find it.

I’m trying to add dark mode to my app, but every time I do it, every page stays in dark mode and I can’t show dark mode on the settings page. where am I doing wrong?

(Settings Page)



Well because ayarlar beckground color is gray in dark mode. But in the if-else statement you se as black. I think you want use black instead of gray?

I hope I can explain with this video

sub menu stays in dark mode all the time

only submenu should be dark mode

I hope you also try what I’ve said first:
In if-else you should put ...backgorundcolor = gray, not black.

wrong code!!! see how I did it


Please show me exactly I don’t understand

you know how to read?

Fixed it but it didn’t work

you are so rude

You don’t want to read. answer you .!

fghfghf.aia (2.6 КБ)

It worked for me, I wish you told me this way from the beginning

Please use English @MeNaCa in this community.

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