I'm unclear on monetization

Hello, I have read the documents and played with the commissions app, and I’m still a little unclear on how different monetization options will effect my app.

I do not want ads in my app, but I would like in-app purchases. Does using the in-app purchase component then force me to use ads? Or is there a way to make my app with no ads still?

Alternately, can my app simply be a paid app with no ads?


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You can make app without any ad. The commission just ask you to choose any ad system because everyone want ads in their app. So just choose any one ad & choose the component which you want in your app. Then subract add commission from the total commission then there you got how much commission kodular will charge from you…

Dude! Consider spending some free time on community to understand the environment before posting.

We dont add ads If you dont use any ad components


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