Image Editor doesn't work after 1.5.0

I tested by adding file: // when selecting the photo but I am not able to get the edited photo, can you take a look at it? because I see that it is not in the reported problems.

Show your blocks.

i also think that image editor component is not working.

I have been using the image editor for several months I have not changed anything and after 1.5.0 it stopped working so it’s not a problem with blocks :slight_smile:

do a search in the community then
after the new release some things are different…


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I know that so I use file: // elsewhere but any combination with the image editor doesn’t work. The card in which the photo is located disappears completely and this should not be the case. for this I have set when I use back to restore another photo, the card and the photo is not visible

If you really want to get this fixed, then let me suggest you to provide a screenshot of your relevant blocks as well as further details, so the Kodular Team and everybody else is easily able to understand, what exactly you are talking about… also add the Android version you are using for your tests…



here, all my blocks before image editor was hooked under image selection from 1.5.0 it does not work, even with file: // when I select a photo the photo is set correctly but when I use a long press the card and the photo disappear in it


yes. please wait, the same was reported as bug (image component)

Please wait till August 1. Next update expected to release on that day

thanks for the information, in this case I am waiting for the update :slight_smile:

I checked and in the new project the same blocks work, but in my project these blocks stopped working, instead the photo disappears together with the element in which the photo is located. so this is a bug, does anyone know why is this happening?