Image Quality is not what is supposed to be

Hey, Dear CEO

All Updates Of Makeroid Like Fire But Still One Problem Is There
Is Image Quality Edit: Don’t use such language.

When I Upload High Quality Imgs On Screen1 Background & I Export The App Then I Get Edit: Don’t use such language. Background Img Quality Keep On Solve This

Please send us the asset which you are using, and a screenshot of what you see in your app.

I Am Using This Background Image On My App It Is HD But Still When I Export My App Then It Edit: Don’t use such language. Their Quality

Please send us a screenshot of what you see in the app

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Dont use HD pictures. Else your app will crash on old devices

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This How I Getting My Picture Quality After Exporting My App

Change ur dimensions

Yes But So How We Can Create Quality Apps From Makeroid Without Splash Screen

Why are you talking now about the splash screen?
I don’t get what you mean.

He wants to create a splash screen without using splash screen feature, but he is not getting that quality when he uses the image as a background in screen1.

I also have the same problem. I am getting poor quality of the background image.

Change your image dimension…

Can you tell me the exact dimensions?

The Exact Dimension Is 720*1240

Does this solved your problem?