Image recognition help


i wanted to know that how can we make an image recognition app which will tell more about the dataof

what you have taken image of.i also tried using tensorflow but it said it cant download the file.

pls tell how to make such app

maybe this extension can help you.

i tried it wasnt working . mentioned above

it is showing this

is extension wrong

change extension name of file to .aix

still showing

and is there any other extension which i could get more information about image

The name of extension file while uploading should be Extensionname.aix

if it is not .aix
then what it is

Did you pay for the extension?

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When you download the extension somethimes it is renamed as

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How can he use without paying for it.

nope it showed download starter

What ?

You can answer the question in yes or no :blush:
Btw, if you have paid for the extension and it’s not working then contact the Developer.

Because he said he is younger than me (i don’t know if it is true)
And I don’t think he can pay online?
Just guessing.

not paid
so it means it wont work
:thinking: :tired_face:

Obviously .

WHAT? Then what did you download?

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Yes, that’s also a question :astonished::dizzy_face: