Image takes time to load

I have image in my assets . But sometimes it takes time to load image which causes the overall app to lag. There is nothing dynamic . Some labels and images within asset.

What may be the cause?


Your image is to big.

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Can i know whats the optimal dimension in pixel for logo

Can i know what the size of your image is?

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683 x 683 pixel

Is this the icon size of your app?


Im talking about this image

You should use image utility component to load fast

I think the problem is solved. Will reply if any problem arises

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How was it solved?

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No , the problem is still there

sorry its not solved

can you explain how to set the path for image in asset

I changed dimension to 100px * 100px also used image utility component.

Now its seems ok

This can load fast only images from internet, not from assets.

Since the new update I’ve also noticed that my images are taking up to 10 seconds to load (sometimes, today about 50% of the time, other days not an issue).

The homescreen has 7 images, and when they take up to 10 seconds to load, they all load at the same time.

I repeat, this was never an issue before. The images are the same, the app size is the same.


Not all Phones are alike, high-mid-low end phones, secondly without knowing how much memory images consume users tend to add images that are oversized for their use, it’s a huge difference in memory consumption between 100x100px and 683x683px images.

What other resources do you run on your phone when this happens.


That was load from asset can cheak that block

First upload your image in asset then set image assets as image name

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We have absolut NOTHING changed for images or else…

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