Image takes time to load

Hi Mika, actually what ive noticed is that the images take up to 20 seconds to load when I have a slow internet connection. Ive gone through all of them and made them as small as possible (the whole APK, over 3000 blocks is just 8.71mb, once installed the app is 29mb).

I thought that the images that were in assets did not depend on internet connection, is this wrong?

When internet is not great it takes justs as long for the image to load on a screen that has just one image (120*50px). Once one image loads they all load and show at the same time.

I only can repeat it again and again…
We have nothing changed on images or anything else.

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It’s strange that nothing has been changed but this is happening

Although it opened paths for me to experience “more thoroughly”, and now I use WebViewer with HTML to improve the design of my app “CinelarTV” (Custom animations/transitions with css for example)


Guys, can you provide an APK so others can try it out


EL2020 (5).apk (4.9 MB)

It is a simple example. It usually takes a long time to load the images after opening the app for the first time

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Yep. Just tried it and it took 10 secs to load the main screen image @Boban @Mika.

Then I shut off my internet and the image never loads.


As I tested, it took a long time to load, but after it loaded, the images appeared instantly even after cut off internet and close and reopen the app


Yes this one really shows that there is a problem.


The images are not that big. The small bad icons at the bottom are 50x50px.

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Just want to say again, that the problem really exists. If nothing has been changed with images, another change must effect this behaivior…


@kodular can we look into this please?



I tested the shared APK, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the slow behavior.

Can you please share the Android version on which this issue occurs ?
Also, if possible, can some (who is facing this issue) share the logcat of the app ?


Android 7.0 with Huawei Honor BLN-21 (Honor 6X)

How to share the “logcat?”

Hi @Rene1898 !
This link has instructions for installing ADB (Android Debug Bridge).
After installing, you should be able to run adb logcat to capture the device logs.

The link below can also be helpful

Feel free to ask any questions you might have.

Hi @sivagiri, did you try opening the app with Internet off? For me when internet is off the images in assets don’t load.


Hi @gopayarg !
Yes, I did try that.
I tried with and without network connection.
There wasn’t any issue in both the cases.

can you send your aia I’ve also experienced something like your problem … and the problem was solved :grin:

How did you solve the problem? This .aia no longer exists in this version, I am sorry.

I just want to know … what components do you use? and do you use something animation? if true, then delete the animation on your block …

EL2020.aia (262.6 KB)