Image takes time to load

Yes. I have the solution for you.
Be patient and wait for the next release. I already told that the bug is fixed for next release.


OK thanks for your hard working :metal:


I think cause of the probem is that, when internet connection is off then images loads form assets while when it is on it loads from the kodular server assets, because if someone not give the permission for storage it directly loads from the server, thats why if internet turned off images load instantly from the storage not from interent.

thanks for such testing, now im going to check for wifi extension but you provided it, thanks for it…

is there any way to turn on/off internet connection using any extension, this extension is only for wifi. what about internet connection ?



But I’m really curious as to why it works when WiFi is disconnected.

And how can this behavior be explained?

I did these tests on serveral devices with the same result.
@Mika said that “had nothing to do with internet connection or else”, but there must be a reason for that behavior. I like to get to the bottom of things.


I agree. This also a serious concern


For now a solution I already said before, to make it load an image quickly as an option is to put the background image in a BUTTON, instead of using the image component, use the BUTTON component and put any image in it, believe me it’s 100% resolved and loads instantly.
I repeat, it is not a Wifi problem and as MIKA says, let’s wait a little longer until the KODULAR updates. Sorry if suddenly my English is regular and I know how to interpret it well.

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Mika’s statement cannot be correct. Since the problem definitely only arises when there is an internet connection, so the question remains:
What happens between pressing the button and displaying the image?
And why does this duration change depending on the time of day?

It is also strange that Image.Visible = true applies immediately and NOT only when the image is actually displayed.

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same problem with me also… it takes time to show assets image like 10 to 15 seconds

Thank you, but everyone already knows that.
We are now only talking about the reason (or more precisely the cause) for this.

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It is correct since I know what I changed or not into our code.
Maybe the MediaUtil from App Inventor does some http connection or else.
But not the image componet itself.

But why should this have any influence on the Image component?
(And moreover such a strange and time-dependent influence?)

I dont know. Because it does not make sense at all.
A http connection makes only sense if the image is stored online.

So I dont know at which place the error is created for that.

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the next update when there will be

now that you have updated kodular to solve the image problem, just create the apk with the new update or do I have to do anything else?

Simply re-exporting your app should fix the issue.

ok then I create the APK thanks