Image To Base64 Not Working At All

Aha, just tried with a bigger file, doesn’t work

This is why I work with App Inventor :wink:

Try using the KIO4 Base64 extension, and get the base64 from the loaded image:


I have no problems with your test aia (Companion & APK, tested on Android 11):

Image file size ?

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yeah i used it but it is only working for the assets in case i install apk, i have to do FileToStringASD with “//test.jpg” and else location doesnt work, also like your picture uses function .ImageToBase64 doesnt work for me, btw. my phone is OPPO A31

i can create base64 string with this but doesnt work for camera or filepicker, i even tried adding “file://” to file or removing “/storage/emulated/0” but none of that worked :sob:

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