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I have uploaded some images to cloudinary and then connect them with airtable . These all learn from videos. But I can’t understand how I can get these images get appeared on may app because I am very beginner to this app development and I don’t have previous experience. There are so many videos on YouTube and I tried to learn it also but them are in Hindi language. I couldn’t understand. So I need a help on blocks part. I read some previous posts but I think so standard. Please help me someone :pensive:

What you have tried where you stuck so anyone can help you.
You need to learn basics and search on youtube some and just follow blocks and some video are in English also

How is the structure of your Airtable? Where do you want to put the images? In a list and when you click on them you see them? or how?
What have you done? What do you know?
Do you know how to use the Spreedsheet component? Do you know how to put the Api Keys and the BaseId ? ApiKey and ApiSecret from Cloudinary? Do you know how to use their blocks?
You don’t give us much data to help you.

this is my spreadsheet. I want to appear images that are going to be inserted appear in image components just like in wallpaper app. I am going to design app which contains photos. Please help me. I just want an idea about when screen initialise , I want to load the images.

To get the urls just start with these blocks

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In the variable “urls” you get a list with all the urls of each image.
The order you get is in the order of the airtable table.

Thank you so much :relaxed:

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