Images not loading on imported html file and show it on a web viewer

what i am trying to do is, make a browser with offline home page, this page contains all the important links like top sites, news, sports website links, i am calling index.html file as a web viewer home url using taifun tools extension. everything is working perfectly on live test… but when i exported apk and installed it to my device then image is not visible. below are the screenshots of what i did.

live test screenshot -

device test screenshot -

imported html file which is used to display as a home url for web viewer -

my blocks code -

i don’t know what to do now so if anyone knows any solution then kindly reply…

I wanna say it’s your img src="" that’s the problem. Try using the direct site link you got it from, example is as your img src="".

If this fixes your problem, mark it as a solution using the :white_check_mark:, Thank You!


i know this will work… but if i do this then without internet connection… images will not be displayed. and i want to show image icons without internet also… thats why i am uploading index.html to the asset folder.

if there is any other way then pls comment… or if there is no solution then reply “Ok” and i’ll mark your 1st comment as the solution…


What if you use the path to the images in your html file. I assume they are also in the assets folder


ok… let me try this first… i hope it would works…

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it works @Peter , you just made my day… image is not visible in live test but its working just like i wanted when i installed on my phone… i’ll try to find a solution where image can be displayed on both live test and device test later.

Again… Thank you very much @Peter … and thanks @hammerhai for the alternative solution…


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