Images not showing in listview from gsheet link and pict is in gdrive

I am new in kodular. Trying to get image in listview or listimage and text. texts are showing well but images not showing which is in google sheet and image is in google drive. Please help! Thanks in advance.

share us some image link that you have used in list view

Most likely the issue could be that you are using Google Drive, try another image host and you will see the difference (Make sure to get the direct link)

Use this extension Image loader
[ Make sure to get the direct link]

thanks. the link is like-

Get id of the image url and do like this

Thanks for your reply. That might be true but i want to use some pictures of my own from my computer! and i dont have any website or like that. isn’t it possible? please help further if possible. thanks again.

Yah! It Works. Not Enough to say Thanks. I can say You brought back me from hopeless lane.

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