Imageview not showing image from url

Hello i have added a imageview in my app where image url comes from online but i recieve image link from database i check mith label and also try the link in browser it,s showing image but why in app image not showing.

iam facing these issue in recently build apps!mt other apps showing image from url correctly!but this app isnt showing.also same app showing images from url yesterday but i just rebuild the app and iam facing this issue.

old app showing image correctly but when i rebuild the app so i face this issue!

please help i am stick at this point

also try to show the image in arragment but nothing happend

see this screenshot old build app is showing image and new build app isnot showing image,i dont do anything,also same version app.please help

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I have the same problem… could you find the solutions?

I have old version of Kodular and work fine, but now update and have the problem


have you solved this problem?

If you face any problem to load images from URL, try to use this extension: [FREE] Image Loader - Extension for image loading and caching

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I had no facing any issues while loading data from my database its working well but you need to use image loader extension by devYB.It will give you good experience.

I thanks to @DevYB for creating amazing extension.

Thank you.

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i just found that in bottom of my screen “high quality image” option is tick then i disable it and now my app is working fine!

Thanks you all!

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