Images not showing in kodular app but showing in mobile web browser and desktops

I have made a webviewer app. The images uploaded by users is not being shown in mobile app made with kodular but showing in mobile browser as well as desktop browser. please tell me how to fix it.

welcome to community, can you share apk so other users can check also? that maybe happening with some specific device or android version, because i have never faced this problem with web viewer,

make sure you have ticked load images under advanced properties of webviewer



I have done this, still images are not loading.
I have made the same app with classic thunkable, and there images are loading.

can you tell me what is the possible error and how to fix it?

I guess you have to post an aia that shows the problem so others can look at it.


can you tell me how u solved it?
mine app is a simple webview app. plz tell me how did you solve it.

I used the same app with thunkable and there images are loading, it is a simple webview aia.

Share aia so we can look it for errors

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