Implement Payment Split for my Kodular app (I pay)

I need an extension with split payment, on the platform “Mercado Pago” (Receber pagamentos com split - Mercado Pago Developers) and Paypal or some other way to implement this via webview. I need to make more than one payment with just one click and have a transparent checkout (without login). Detailing would be as follows: the customer chooses a product, chooses the quantity (considering the quantity in stock, previously defined). From there he would have 2 options, the first would be to send to a cart, and the other would be to finalize the purchase, if I complete the purchase I receive a part of the payment and the seller receives another part previously defined. After that, the name of the seller and the number of items already sold by the seller would be registered.

I’ll explain it better. I don’t actually have a sales site, I’m using the Kodular platform for Android application generation (apk) and I’ve put together an app in which I want to sell products. And on the platform there is a “WebView” component in which you can open a web page or you can put an html code directly into it. In practice it would be the same as using a website, but it is as if the “hosting” was in the apk itself. Then the function I want could be implemented for this WebView.

On the platform there are also extensions, which are like ready-made codes experating that inputs are placed and generate certain results, so what I need could be implemented in extension form. But you can analyze the platform and see what best suits you.

And important is that with just a click of a button the customer can make a transparent purchase (without login) and the money is divided between me and the seller (as an affiliate system).

In short, you want to use the free market API through a web page.

yes, that’s what I want. I prefer it to be an extension, if not possible then it is somehow.

Today I come here to present my Api of Payments via Mercado Pago gratuit where he uses the GET method and the payment via Checkout Pro using the client id and the secret client of the paid market

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follow link below to access

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