Import App Inventor aia to Kodular

So i am trying to import an App Inventor aia to kodular. So when i try to open the project the “Getting things read” appears and it keeps loading for ever. At the bottom of my screen appears a notification that says switch 1 wasnt able to be found. Please help me.

Remove that switch 1 and try again…
I mean everything that doesn’t compatible with kodular remove it and try importing it again

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Or you can just edit your aia file


So I removed the switch but now one screen seems to be broken. But I allready rebuilded it. Now I have the problem that when trying to export the app via qr code I get the problem that it says dangerous extension etc. And so it wont export. I allready deleated all extensions just for a test and it still doesn t works…

Unfortunately it’s hard to say what’s wrong, if you wish you can PM me your aia so I can take a look at it

Would be nice, but it seems that I am not able to PM you.

Show what extensions you use.

Since you’re new to the community this seems to be the case, I will try to PM you

Like I said I deleated all exttensions to test if it would work… But now i am using Taifun Tools

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