Switching from App Inventor to Kodular


I’ve built an app with App Inventor, and would like to try Kodular out, because It seems very nice. However, when I export my project in .aia format in App Inventor, and Import it to Kodular, it fails to read the blocks and I get the following error message: “The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 4510844224274432_Screen1 will not be saved.”. I’ve attached the aia file here too, and I don’t see any incompatible Components and I don’t use extensions. Can anyone please help me? I don’t see any red flags at Unchive

Speedtest.aia (44.5 KB)

Try this one: Speedtest_2.aia (44.3 KB)


Thank you so much!!! I don’t know what you did, but thank you so very much!

I removed some colors which don’t match in Kodular:

and removed the Accelerometer_Sensor in AI2 and reinserted it in Kodular.


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I have now marked @bodymindpower’s reply as solution


There was no need to do that, as it was only one color (magenta) that broke the whole project…

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