Kodular Not Working?

Describe your issue

I just imported my app from Thunkable and I want to edit it in Kodular.
However, I can’t move on to another screen.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Export app from Thunkable which has many screens (It is less than 10), Import that app in Kodular, On Screen1, move to another screen

Expected Behaviour

Move to another screen

Actual Behaviour

Kodular is saying me “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?” every time I wanted to change the screen

Show your Blocks

My blocks don’t seem as it’s wrong

Android version


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You must check which components or extensions you’re using as some of them don’t work in Kodular. If you have any monetization component, remove it before importing your project.

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In addition the components are not the exact same. I tried to import just a list of variables and I could not do it from Thunkable.

Do not assume that you can edit one AIA from one builder on another. The differences are starting to get very significant.


Hello there @Nalda. im glad u just migrate to Kodular. to help us solve your problem, please tell us which components u used…

Also my suggestion is:

  • remove ads components
  • remove compoents that are not available in :kodular:. :slightly_smiling_face:

you have to delete, webviewer, notification, all dialogs, space, all ad networks, and all other things which are not in kodular or thunkable.
I think you will be faster if you make the project from start on new. At first it is a good lession for you and you know that you dont have troubles in the future with any components or other things.
I did the same when i changed from appinventor to thunkable, after a while i changed from thunkable to appyuilder and a few weeks later from appybuilder to kodular. And i wasted one or two days of my time to import the aia file. I had to delete so much things that i was faster with start from scratch.

I had a few screens with a few 1000 blocks in the app and i needed 2 or 3 hours to copy all things.

Happy coding


Oh thank you all for answering
It works perfectly after deleting Switch and Floating Action Button components in Thunkable


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