Appy builder aia problem to import

I have a daughter with autism and I made an app for communication management using AppyBuilder, but when I try to import it to Kodular, I receive several errors. Could someone help me with the import?
I received this error:
The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5930053827297280_Screen1 will not be saved.

PICSTALK_B1.aia (2.0 MB)

see, if you have used any of the component which is not present in kodular then you will have such error… we will always suggest that in which platform you have make the aia kindly compile into pak in that platform…

Every builder will have unique components… you only need to sort it out the unique component…

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Try this one PICSTALK_B1.aia (2.0 MB)

It was because of this

Add a color block of your choice and you’re good to go…



It worked well, thank you very much. Now I will continue improving the application step by step. Thanks again for your help.

My idea is to create an application similar to this one, any suggestions are appreciated.

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