Facing errors after import appy aia to kodular

appy is going to shut down so i wants to import my aia to kodular,
i have delete all those component which are not compatible with kodular ,
still kodular shows
*(The blocks area did not load properly. Changes to the blocks for screen 5768730162233344_Video
will not be saved.) *

Try searching the forum before posting a new topic. "The blocks area did not load properly..."

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can i upload (on playtore ) apk after create new project with its keystore and package name
( i wants to create again in kodular )

If your old app is live on Google Play and you opt in to protect key store, then you must upload that key store while publishing app. If you have not opt in, then you will have no problem.

And of course, if you want it to start from scratch, you can do it.

ok i am trying

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do you know hindi ?

Yes. I know.

But remember “English” is officially language for community

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Kya mai pehle wale app ki keystore ko naye wale app me upload karke aur package name ko change karke app ko update kar sakte hai

Bro we can’t chat publicly in Hindi. Either you translate all your Hindi replies in English or message me privately. And I will try to covert our conversation on this topic in English and post here.

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