Why Getting this error "the blocks area did not load properly"


Why am I getting this error? Whenever i open my app i get this error popup. Whats wrong?

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Have you imported a screen into your app?

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NO i dont. I opened kodular account today after few months and saw this error message.

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Maybe an extension is missing that is used in that screen.

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This error is common if your project got corrupted

i havent used any extension

how can i solve this?

Delete the affected screen from the project (AIA) using winRAR / 7-Zip and insert it again from an older working AIA.

I have only one screen. I made 10 screens using vertical arrangeent in a single screen

See here:

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… and here:

Thanx for your reply but im not a techy guy so i dont understand what is the solution of this.

You need to take an older working version of your AIA and then if possible not incorporate new mistakes as described by Evan Patton.

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@bodymindpower that error can be produced from various things

@psilwal121 download your aia and look for abnormalities in your screen bky and scm files

Yes, so try this @psilwal121 :

There is nothing red marked

Please no CAPS LOCK.


Me too facing this problem after re uploading extension (i was tried to update “in app pdf viewer” extension from 3.0 to 5.0) After uploading the extention some bocks colour turns red colour , and showing this error

After refreshing kodular web page. One block looks like this IMG_20201220_125754

Unfortunately your project got broken…

:pensive:Any way to recover ?
Any way to delete or modify that broken blocks?