Improve the size of the introductory video of the app

Hello community, how do I improve the size of the introductory video of the app, when it plays vertically on the mobile?

When the mobile is horizontal, the size is acceptable, but vertically it is extremely small.

SVID_20190913_223253.mp4 (1.8 MB)


You may set height and width in % , so that it suits the screen, or don’t allow use to play video vertically,
If phone orientation= vertically
Show message: please rotate phone for best experience

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You have to render your video like this (eg: 1080x1920):

Then the entire screen is filled in portrait format.

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@bodymindpower The video has the dimensions indicated by you, but does not generate the right size vertically.

When I set the height to 100% it is the same as full screen :frowning:

what about this?

Try this simple YT test video APK … does it work for you?

YouTube_1080x1920.apk (4.9 MB)
mobizen_20190916.mp4 (2.6 MB)


As a temporary solution if it works.

@bodymindpower It works very well, you can show the blocks to correct my app.

video height= get screen height
video width= get screen width

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see here:

and insert this:


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Many thanks to @Deepanshu_Arya and @bodymindpower for their help, my shared blocks when I will have the discussion are fine, as are the contributions of the two companions mentioned.

The problem was that the dimensions of the video must be 720 x 1440 (or a very similar one) in order to play full screen on the mobile without any problem.

At least that was my solution.

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