YouTube Player Not Working

I don’t Know How to report Bugs . But I ll explain the problem.

Here the YouTube link is correct . But still always in loading .

Before some weeks it is working fine.

Is that in the companion?

after installing it via apk . i checked with both campanion and apk.

Try using instant load block and remove play block

Tried that too bro … :worried: …not working … is it working for you ?

I don’t think it’s the right Video id

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ok bro please test it with your account and tell me

bro can you tell me how to use it

Here is two Screenshots.

  1. Portrait Screen

    Example :

  2. Landscape ( Full Screen ).


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i can implement youtube player to your app at 100 inr
(it My Blocks and api trick)not a extention or component of youtube player

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try this:

YouTube.aia (2.7 KB)


Not working youtube player your test aia

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Well i have solution for everyone whos youtube player is not working. Please mark my post as solution if it works.
Do not put the load youtube video block under screen initialize block. always put the load video block under time of 4 second. the timer should stop after 4 second and video will definitly play.
timer should start when screen is initialized.


Same Problem…

same problem,not working…please help me on this…

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A few minutes ago I had the same problem but I managed to find the solution. I guess the problem is that we try to get videos before the YouTube player SDK begins. Therefore, you must request the Firebase value after the YouTube player SDK begins. This can be done using the YouTube player initialization event. Subsequently, in the firebase got value event, you will place the value in the youyube player’s load block. Example images attached. Sorry for English, I’m using the translator.