Youtube doesn't work

I made the blocks all right I looked for some discussions here but found none to help me.

When you start the video appears to click and go to youtube, does not start in the application.


The video may not be playable outside of YouTube (Embed disabled)


The embed may be blocked in your country (Brazil if I’m not mistaken)

By the way, welcome to Kodular Community :kodular:


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How to find any video that does not have this lock? because even my videos don’t work

This video works on my end B8H3hiCjwSU


video works for me too


could i see which block you used?

I still don’t understand what’s going on with mine so

use Button1 to play

Btw, companion or as apk

even with your code is not working

Try this: YouTube.apk (4.9 MB)
If it still does not work, make sure you have an internet connection. :wink:


The error is on the internet, I don’t know why, I tried with vpn and got