Video Player Component doesn't allow smooth full screen

Hello, precious one at Kodular Community.

I am working on the video player app and I am using Video Player Component and I want to keep the app be friendly user so that my end-user can have the option to play a video in portrait or landscape, but I wonder why when playing the video in portrait and want to change it in the landscape the video stops and the play buttons disappear. This makes the app to be unprofessional kindly I need your help.

Note: I have tried to search before asking but I found irrelevant help to the previous threads. This is what I found Problem in video player extension but it is not helpful to me.

Thanks, I will appreciate your help.

you have to change orientation of screen according to potrait and landscape

I have changed it but when it turns to landscape the video stops
Can you try yourself and see from your end? I am sure it will not work

Show Your Blocks

Try This :- image

Correct me where I am wrong!

What will this do?


Screen.Orientation.Changed is a Method that is triggered when there is a change in the orientation of the screen.
Then, when the screen orientation changes, you compare whether the width is greater than the height

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would you solve something?

I Think Your Device’s "Rotate Off " Option Is Off… If It Is Then Turn It On & Try Rotating Your Device Without Using The Button…Hope It Works!

why can’t you show the blocks which works for you?

I am not talking about blocks ( it might be that your app is correct ) I am talking about your device’s setting’s

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I don’t know how to put this in good English.
Note: I saying that when you turn the video to landscape the video stops and this mean maybe there is a way to change the Height to full-screen and the height to portrait.