In App Billing component logic not working

Hello guys. How are you doing?
I would like to ask if my logic is ok or I am missing some important key here as my blocks are not working as I expected.

So what I am trying to archive is to “unblock” some buttons as the user pays 2 dollars with the In App Billing component.
If the user clicks the image, then calls the in app billing block. Then After the purchase, and if the product bought is the same as “googlelifetime” then I call a procedure.
The procedure is to enable the button with the true tag
If the user closes the app and open it again later, then I call a load owner componen and if the parchuse “googlelifetime” is true, then it calls the procedure to enable all the buttons again.

Here are all the blocks I used. Thank you for reading this :slight_smile:

let me suggest to use the GotOwnedPurchases event to check, if the purchase “googlelifetime” is available in the list ownedSubscriptions
see also In App Billing - Kodular Docs


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Thanks for the reply!
I tryed the suggestions and did not worked, or the blocks I am using are not the right for what I am trying to archieve

But basically I am telling the app that if “googlelifetime” is in the given list, then do the procedure
And nothing happens on the app, even if I install on my phone

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you having a laugh?

Your “do” section (inside “then” part of the block) is empty.

I want to know, is in app billing subscription working or not? Last time I tried to use, it was not working then.

you are telling the app, that if “googlelifetime” is in the given list, then do nothing