In app file download help please

Help Please
i am developing a music beats app with this features
screen one contain list view to display tracks
on item list click user can listen a beat mp3 format
when click downloas i want a user to download beat project instead of mp3
i have air table with mp3 flp and info for beat
when i want user to download from flp section it showr run time error can ony download http/https urls
when shift to download mp3 it works perfectly
how to fix this please

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Thank you

I think for flp download url you are getting wrong value…

I am not that much good at airtable…
But as per mine this is the only error…

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Hey Do one Thing…
First try to get the value in label… So you can know what’s the Problem…


try this - [New Update] Fusion Player - Dynamic Online Music Player [Pro/Free AIA]

this aia has the download mp3 option.


what should i do? to get correct values?

domain expired

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First check in label is your flp giving correct link Or not… Then set it on download url…

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thanks works perfectly :grinning:

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