In app purshase - consume block meaning

In in-app-purchase there is a block called “consume”. What does that mean?
And I want to know how can a user purchase from same product-id for as many times as he wants.

The block is to complete the purchase made

So the Consume block is the one that actually charges the user? Whereas the Purchase block just displays the Google Play purchase dialog where you give confirmation to buy the product?

No, it’s to declare the purchase as used

So Consume is to make sure the user can’t buy it again? Like “Remove Ads” which is a one-time purchase?
And if you want that item to be available for purchase as many times as the user wants (e.g. in-game currency) do you use the Purchase block instead?

It’s to tell Google to mark the purchase as “complete” but people can still buy multiple times.

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Oh okay, thanks!

thank you for the help

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