In Older project Some Components are not working

I was crated project in kodular egal, and all components was working fine, but in this new update that already exit components are not working or, some of them giving errors.

[NOTE: If i import old aia, then same thing happening]

Components like:
Image Editor
Image Picker

Image Picker:

@Vishwas please take a look on this bug too.

There is no problem with airtable and image picker. I am not sure with image editor. If your android version is greater than 10 and above then in the after picking block(for image picker/editor) you must add file :// just before the get selection. May be due to that your old project may not work. So as a default just add file;:// command by using join block, your app will function as usual

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Works fine. It has no bug.

Could you please define what problem you are facing with airtable ?

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for image picking use this

what problems are you facing in airtable and image editor ?

this image picker is working with this solution. in image editor, centre crop is not working, i think airtable is fine. but now their have problem with file component, i has been used the read file component in previous update, and was file reading working fine, but in kodular new update its not working fine, showing the error like file could not be found,

This block was working fine in previous update but now it showing the error of

file not found

Which type of file are you reading text??

csv file reading as text. But this method was working fine in previous update.

if you want store csv in assets and read from there that will be more fine

i wanted the csv from user

Which Android version?

See also here (best read entire thread):

can you tell me what will you do with the csv means that you will show that file or you will display it on label ? so that i can make a same project for you if i can :sweat_smile:

this was working fine before kodular new updat, but now this is not reading

you can make like, user will pick the CSV file from their device, and after that csv should be display in label

Instead of repeating the same stuff, you’d better answer my question.


ok let me try that but it will take time due to some issue

android 10

Ok, no issue. but user should pick file from their device.