Incognito Mode on Web Component 🤔

how to use incognito mode on web component property ?
because I want to hide cookies.

Just use another webview and delete cookies always after a user quits

unfortunately such a way will make user login again and again… :relieved:

But as much as I know and used incognito mode, They don’t save any cookies and user should login again and again. Even chrome and edge’s incognito mode make user login again. Look at this screenshots from Edge Desktop:

  1. Without incognito mode:

    Here I am logged in to google

  2. With Incognito Mode:

    And here I am logged out.

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@AJOY_DAS Webview is not a complete browser.
What you can do is to temporarily remove cookies when user switches to incognito tab(s) and replace them again when needed.

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Yes, I know that webview is not a complete browser. Neither me or @Quicky_Superglad said that.

He said this. So I answered:

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Nor I said that.

This is a statement and not a direct reply.
Sorry if I hurt.

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No there is nothing to be hurt about, we were just having a discussion. I was just saying that if we use if and then conditions and use a different web view in the existing browsing browsing system then it should work because we can easily duplicate blocks. I just described the way I would do it but it is not the only way to do. Your opinion is equally important and to me your opinion matters more than mine.

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yes this is what I mean… when the user switches to incognito mode and switches to the main mode then the user can log in to account without logging in again…

and my main question is
" how to incognito mode"…so that the website does not track cookies… my knowledge incognito mode does not track cookies from any site.

As per my knowledge incognito mode is to Hide/Erase history from Device. Which also include “Logins”.

If you want to login automatically in icognito for another session. you have to store login credentials/Cookies to login that perticular website automatically again.

You can store it locally using TinyDB

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Are all webviews in modular connected with each other?
I didn’t knew that.