Incorrect glyphs in Material Icon font

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Displaying barcode glyphs with the Material Font in labels appears to be broken.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Create a label.
Choose the Material Font.
Input “barcode” or “barcode_scanner” as the text.

Expected Behaviour

The expected display output for “barcode” would be the material Barcode glyph.
The expected display output for “barcode_scanner” would be the material Barcode Scanner glyph.

Actual Behaviour

The actual display output for “barcode” is the material Code glyph.
The actual display output of “barcode_scanner” is the material Code glyph followed by the material Scanner glyph.

Show your Blocks

A block example is not required to reproduce this bug.

Android version

This seems to apply to all Android versions.

Hello there! Hope you doing great

This problem is:
because Kodular is still uses
the old version of Material Icons that is
not supported any brand new icons
of today.

everytime I type my choice code
to the Material Icons, It’s not working
in the app, but on Creator, is still OK.

I will update to show you the way of
How to use the new version of Material Icons
and type your desired code.

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Because of this, is there a way to request as a feature, updating to the latest version of Material Icons?

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But I can’t see any latest versions of Material Icons, so that’s why Kodular uses the old one.

On Kodular Creator web as expected, they using the latest version of material icons by embedding the WOFF2 file.

I saw this when I was coding HTML and CSS with font capabilities.

Hello there again! Hope you ok!

I tested the Updated Material Icons that I convert from WOFF2 to TTF file using Microsoft Word.

I noticed that “barcode” and “barcode_scanner” icon code doesn’t work.

So your actual behavior note is right.
The icon doesn’t fetch as “barcode_scanner”.

So means that “barcode_scanner” is only working in Material Symbols. not Material Icons.