Infinity web hosting

how to upload video file in web hosting by infinity

Use cloudnery or firebase storege companent

Cloudinary 25 gb limet

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Read :

What kind of videos are you uploading that 25 GB is not enough?

Is Infinity the web hoster?

My app is tiktok like and over 4 lakh customer

Yes infinity is web hoster

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What is a lakh?

I believe millions :slight_smile:

500000 customer

Seriously? :sweat_smile:

Yeah, quite curious.

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Yes you want link

a hundred thousand

(100,000 = 1,00,000)

@Peter He is Using Arabic Number System Or Indian Number System This System Is Used in Many Asian Countries Including India and Arabic Countries And Neighboring Countries Including some Parts of Europe

This System Is The First Numeric System And International System Is evolved From This is Which you Use

Arabic System:
12,34,56,789 this is Twelve Core thirty Four Lakhs fifty six thousands seven Hundred eighty Nine

International System:
123,456,789 this is one Hundred twenty three million four hundred fifty six thousand seven hundred eighty Nine

=> Therefore 5 lakh = 500 Million

Here in India We remember two system 1st one is ours 2nd one is Yours

You can upload by ftp

I would Recommend To Use a VPS Or if having Low Budget you colud Use Shared hosting It is not too Costly Also To upload To Your Hosting You Can use FTP Or File Transfer Protocal

How to get ftp video link

Your website link/uploded path/video file name.

How much infinity hosting provide storage

The Process is Not Tough You Must be Having Vista Panel I am having cPanel Which Just similar to It

  1. Click or Search for FTP

  1. Create an FTP account Do not Forget your Username and Password Better To save it in Some Readable Source

  2. After Creating Your Panel Work is Over

  3. Head over to kodualr

  4. Create An New Project Or Just go to your existing Project

  5. Go and Search for FTP Drag it to To the Mobile

  6. Just Add the Details First FTP server Host Name should be like this

  7. Password Is the same which You Had entered and the username is The [email protected]

  8. The directory should be The entered Directory

  9. Then Just add blocks follow this