Take picture camera component blob saved low byte

i want to take picture with camera component. then i will save the picture as BLOB to mysql database. however, the blob saved is really low byte which enable me to retrieve the display image in my web. i did follow taifun instruction to save blob in mysql. however, it doesnt work fine for me. i really need help!!!

10B and 44B considered really low. KiB works fine.

when i try retrieve image for 10B blob and 44B, it will display like this

i reeally neeed help. thank you.

Link to this?

this one.

OK, that guide was by Juan Antonio, not Taifun.

You appear to be mixing two things to upload a blob, your do not need to convert to base64 string.

what do you mean? what should i do to prevent them ?

Just follow the upload blob guide, and change your blocks so that they match. You should not need the base64 extension to do this.

i have follow the upload blob guide without base64 extension.

but the blob does not saved into my database



okay now it works!! i forgot to initial global

thank you so much for you suggestion!!

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