Insert new section automatically when saving

If you could help me find out if it’s possible,
that when I press the add button a new section is automatically created with the elements I show in the image, so that they can understand me!

Anotación 2020-06-02 203117|506x368

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Can you explain more…
It’s still confusing…

I want to know if you can insert a section automatically when you press the add button, that is to say that another video is added with its text to the para as it is shown in the image that there are already two videos inserted, but these are inserted from the Kodular website where the app is designed but I want to do it from the app

I don’t know if you could or there’s some other way?

According to what are you saying you can use dynamic components to create a arrangement/section on a button click.

Oh okay, how do you do that? Are there examples or videos that show or explain it?

Here is the documentation of Dynamic components
Here is example how to use

Thank you, I also finded in google and found information
But what I see is that there’s no way to make or insert videos dynamically

Yes, there are no dynamic video components but instead you can use this method, whenever the add button is clicked a new arrangement is created and inside the arrangement you can add a dynamic image which will be the thumbnail of the video and on the right side you can display text using dynamic text component… And when the image is clicked you can use the get image by ID method in blocks section and so the respective video plays in full screen


I’m gonna try, thank you!

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