Instagram Automation App

It just…did not work.

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Did you really try the app ? I dont think so, I’ve added a user count feature in my app. When i posted first here it had 2 Users and still now its only 2. The count feature is working fine i’ve tested it just now. So Please dont post fake post here, dont be so hungry for AIA. First try the app. Sorry if this was harsh.


…so you know better than me?

Caught you lol

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No, I tried the app. If you do not want to continue this discussion, simply ignore this!


when you release the AIA

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I’m currently debugging this app so i cannot publish the aia right now.

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can u dm me the aia for testing purposes i will not publish app on playstore.


Come on, just be honest. If you would create an follow bot then you would probably bot your Instagram account so it looks more legit. You didn’t even try.

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They will ban you if you try to publish this app.

I didn’t get you Bro

InstaBot.aia (1.4 MB)
Here is the aia file… This is only for educational purpose. I have only enable auto-follow option in order to preserve my work. You can obviously create the other feature yourself. Please change the app icon and name if you are publishing it anywhere. Thank you

It does not work.

aia doesnt work?

Follow bot doesn’t work.

on which device you are testing? can i know the android version?

Android 9.

i havent tested on 9…can you try with 7

To downgrade my system just for this?

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Visit and test on all available android version