Instagram Automation App

(Natsu09) #1

What is the name of your app?

InstaEasy App

Describe your app:

First Mobile App for automating Instagram (No need of PC - No need to pay anything to anyone )


App Store/Download link:

Download Link in Instagram Bio -

Features of InstaEasy -
*Auto Like User Photos
*Auto Like Tag Photos
*Auto Follow Followers
*Auto Follow Likers
*Auto Follow Commenters
*Auto Unfolllow Non-Followers
*Auto Unfollow all Following
*Auto Unfollow Followers

I focus more on its functionality than its UI - So very Simple UI
Thank You Kodular -

(ONT Studios) #2

Is this allowed? Can I get the AIA file?

(Natsu09) #3

Wait for some time

(ONT Studios) #4

Ok. If you say so.

(Barakk0ne) #5

Very intersting app. I’d like learn something about Instagram or Fb API interaction.

(Natsu09) #6

I haven’t use Instagram API to build this app so cant help you.

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(Barakk0ne) #7

Is there a way to learn something about your experience? Thanks in advance!

(Natsu09) #8

I’ll soon make this open source.

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(Mouhurtik Ray) #9

is it really made with kodular plz send the aia file

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(Barakk0ne) #10

Thank you very much…

(Natsu09) #11

Yeah I make this with Kodular

(Deepanshu Arya) #12

this type of apps are not legal, your app offend instagram policies . just telling you because in future this can create a problem

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(Natsu09) #13

Hmm Okay Thank you for your concern mate
BTW I created this as a fun project to learn more about browser automation.

(Abhijith) #14

Not at All

(Mouhurtik Ray) #15

how did u make it