Image Upload and Sharing App like Instagram

(Abir Purkait) #1

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

You can share your pictures with description.
Features Included :
Image Upload
Image Wall (where all uploaded images will be visible)
About (where an user can set their Bio)
more update is coming…
Used Taifun File, CardView and ColinTree ListView


AIA file

(Robert Crum) #2

Your app name TSInsta contains a few characters of Instagram.

(Abir Purkait) #3

Yes I know, but not used full copyrighted name

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(Twink Studio) #4

i also working on same kind of app with signup login feature…
can you share.AIA your link not working?

(Abir Purkait) #5

I have checked the links. Download link is working. Can you please re-check it

(ProLessSkill) #6

the website link is not working.