Integrate two extensions

Hello, I want to know if it is possible to integrate these two extensions:

:black_small_square: Floating View: float your component.[Free] @jarlissonlira2
:black_small_square: Scan Color Extension [Paid] *Already bought. @Andres_Cotes
or if exist a better alternative to realise my project.

App idea (a picture is worth a thousand words):

I would like to mix the extensions to make a kids app to recognize the colors on his phone.
I want to move the “color scanner” using “floating extension” across the screen and get de color in a label.

Here some picture of blocks I’ve tried:

I could sponsor the solution to this problem :disappointed:

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There is one thing very similar in canvas

Put an image sprite such that when dragged, you can get the x y coordinate. Then use GetPixelColor

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Kodular app didn’t worked like widget for home screen or float on other apps

Just to make sure.
Do you want to do it when app is opened/closed?
Or both?
Currently it is only possible when app is open.

Please read my problem carefully. Your “solution” doesn’t works on Overlay View (Floating view).

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This is the answer, for now.
Maybe it is possible with an extension.
But currently, there is no extension which do this.