IntentFilterInfo : BroadcastReceiver


You can receive events from Intent like user press airplane mode button , is user listening any song , get current playing song track info


RegisterReceiver: filter add list of intent and setString to get data from intent

component_method (1)

UnregisterReceiver: stop receiving events

component_event (2)

OnGet: This will return a list of data receive from intent

component_event (3)

OnError: This block will trigger if an error occurs.


For example: we can get the current playing song


com.Shreya.IntentFilterInfo.aix (5.3 KB)
IntentFilter_demo.aia (7.9 KB)


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Thank you so much !

Is it similar to this ? Or any difference ?

his extension can return action only not extra values and my extension can return extra values from intent.

For example user listening music in spotify app with these intent
you can get the music info like artist name , music name & track info etc from spotify app

Nice work @Shreyaa :+1:

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@oseamiya thank you so much! :blush:

How can i use this extension to get information about the current TV channel like program title, start time and end time
I already make an application for android satellite receiver to show movie subtitle with live TV
What i want when the user open my application the application import the data of the current TV channel to help the user to search the subtitle file and synchronize the subtitle file with the movie

Hello @Shreyaa ,
this is a great extension, working excellent!
But I have a question:
How can I check with Blocks whether the Filter ist registered or not? I plan to Register the Receiver with initializing of a screen. Going to another Screen the Filter is still active (and it of course should be) - going back to the “Intentfilter-Screen” starts with initializing a second registration which doubles in some cases the received List Items. therefore I want to add in the Screen Initialising Block an If-Statement only register if it is not registered. How can I achieve that?

Just store something in TinyDB after registering and check that tag in TinyDB before trying to register

It might be easier to use only one screen together with virtual screens… see also tip 1 here