Internal and external storage blocks error (again)

Hi, all,

I am having an error with the Device Utilities Internal and External Storage blocks similar to this but, in my case, I think that it is worse because I do not have SD card in the phone in which I am doing tests.

Tests done with Samsung A31 and Samsung S8.

Has a solution to this problem been found?

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Are you able to get result values or it’s showing any error

Hi, Aditya Nanda,

I have the same result in both phones (Samsung A31 and Samsung S8) with or without SD card, no error shown.

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Also mention the Android version.


Without SD Card in both phones :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Samsung A31 ==> Android 11

Samsung S8 ==> Android 9

Maybe try this:

Results shouldn’t be much different.

I’ll try it.

Tanks a lot. Best regards,


can you tell in one line what do you want as i am not able to understand your concern


Bad news, without SD Card:


Aditya Nanda,

I want to know the internal and external storage capacity (total, used, available)


Thanks a lot,

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ok i got you wait let me get a solution for you

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Thank you so much, it’s very kind of you.

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External Storage != Sd Card

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Yes, I know, and this is the case because, as I said, I don’t have any SD Card plugged when I done tests so, why these blocks (External Storage Total, Used and Available) give me this result?


I think these must be zero, or unknown or something similar…

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand.

By the way, very interesting article.

Thank you so much for your help. Best regards,


Phone storage is getting treated as external storage too.


Ah, ok, now yes, I understand.

So, I’ll remove these blocks. Thank you so much for your help.

All the best,


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