How to detect device battery mAh and show into label

Can anyone give me solution to how to detect device battery mAh and show it into label text…also I want to show device CPU version,processor name,device screen resolution into label text…please give me any solution and try to help me…

You can use Battery extension


I want to show device battery mAh into label text…but there is no option to do this with this extension…plz help me

There is a Charge Counter block, use that

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You may use Device Tool for this

Yes, Use Device Tools

Hope this help you to solve your problems

Please give me extension link

Device Tools is a in-built extension of Kodular

Can you give me it’s all block image please sir

Why don’t you try it by yourself? If somewhere you stick then we will help you. First try it by your self


Sir…my laptop not in my hand now…so I browsing the community using my windows phone…so i can’t login into my kodular account with this simple browser…so I need your help now!

And I think you are lying to us to get blocks.
Kodular is accessible via most android browsers.
I noticed so many times that you always ask for blocks.
Do something yourself.

Hei…i am not telling lies…I am using windows phone 535 dual sim… It has internet explorer outdated browser…this browser doesn’t support this type of website like kodular builder… Please try to understand anyone’s problem…:frowning::frowning:

So you can not work on your app?

Why, you say you can not work on your app.

So you can not work on your app. Why the rush then? Just wait on your laptop to come back, do some work yourself and when it doesn’t work ask here.


@Peter Yes…i am not working on my app now…but I am collecting some ideas and block info in my spare time…So I have posted on community…

Do some experiments and you will have a lots of ideas in near future. Community is available 24/7 to help you. Try to create something on your own ability. Wait until you get back to your computer.

Ok…thanks for suggestion…!

You can use kodular with your mobile using Puffin browser

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