Invisible extension exist in kodular, using Deephost EXO Player

Hello everyone,

Help me solve this problem, i had total number of four extension in my project and the project was working well but when i imported another extension called EXO Player then whenever i try to export the apk the kodular creator asks me to upgrade to premium as the total number of extension became more than five, for that reason i deleted the EXO Player extension to export the apk after that when i try to export the apk it shows me an error “An internal error has occurred. Report a bug?” then i checked my aia in Unchive in the summary there was 7 extensions but in kodular there is only four. so i think for that reason I’m unable to export my apk

So tell me how can i delete those invisible extension,

i have attached some pics here, You will understand the problem by seeing the pics

Export your project, open it using 7zip, go to the folder assets/external_comps and remove those subdirectories i.e. extensions you like to remove, then import the modified project into Kodular

Please backup your project first…


Thank you very much. it worked, sending love

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