Is it Possible to auto refresh screen on a button click?

I want to refresh my screen on a button click how to do that ?

Please help me :blush:

Just search on community. You will get answer.

I tried but didn’t found

Try like this. When Button click - Close Screen__name, Open Screen__name

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it is not like refresh. anyway he can do that. But why do you want refresh? deleting any column?

I have a label in my app which automatically appears from MySql on each new entry so I want when I submit a entry that number refreshes and show new number on screen

use clock component to reload the sql url , that is the only way for your query


@Still-learning @techVsurya But I want also all the data present on that page got blank…This is my last mssg fro today kodular not allowing me to write more so please provide blocks for that…
Thanks a lot in advance :blush:

Try what has been suggested instead of just asking for blocks.