Is it possible to create a game like zuma game with two competitors

Hello koders I have been in kodular almost like two years now I have been creating apps but not gave a try on games app.
Now I feel like to create a game app like a zuma game and inside there can be some options to choose your opponent or competitor who is online.

Anyway about the option to choose I know it is possible since now days I know how to create chatting app in group and private, but my query is this

How can a design a game like zuma game I mean how will I create the models or balls with different colors and set them to be animating or sliding on a snake road or terrace how will I create that balls to keep following the terrace and if the shooter didn’t hit it then the balls will be dropped in a waiting hole?

Before creating this topic I have made I research on this topic actually I got this What do you get if you cross Kodular with Arkanoid?

Can I know how to give a try on this

But actually I wanted even to give a try on that but I didn’t get the right information on how to start it.

Someone right answer will be appreciated

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Sorry! @Lily

I have never think of building any game Like this. If You have any API or Something Like Website then may be possible.

Otherwise, Zuma Game may be not possible in Kodular or others. I will suggest you to search YT, Google and try.

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I am sure this kind of game isn’t possible in Kodular. The animations and movements are too complex. I am sure the canvas component would explode and gets tilt. The Arkanoid Kodular version is a real masterpiece.
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So what you need is just to be called a solution master :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: oooh sorry not to this post please

However I could have marked it as a solution if you could have given deep guide on this
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Just tell me how do I do with tha Arkanoid Kodular I don’t have an idea on that

not possible because those ball are gameObject and all ball are spawning at start point and effect are particle system and GameManger handle whole game like pop up points animation , scores , time left etc.

Simple games can made with Kodular


simple game like which one? at least can be professional in looking?

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I wouldn’t recommend starting to do that type of game with Kodular. You see, Kodular and all branches of App Inventor are not the right platform to make complex games. By complex, it means with lots of independent moving objects at the same time. The games I made (Koduloid and Hackanoid later) are remakes of an original game from the 80’s Arkanoid. I started studying the original and seeing if Kodular was able to handle the maximum amount of sprites I needed to have moving at the same time. I found out I only needed a maximum of 7 sprites moving at the same time (the pad, 3 balls, 2 enemies and one falling power up). Most of the times is less. So that is possible with Kodular. Notice the original game has 3 enemies. So I even had to reduce it to two to keep things moving smoothly. Then all the other sprites like the bricks, the borders, the little doors that open and close to let the enemies out are all static. That’s why this game was possible to make in Kodular, mostly because almost all of the sprites doesn’t require to move.

So if you are planning on making a game in Kodular, I would suggest you to think of a game that can be done with, may be up to 10 sprites moving at the same time, and the rest can be all static. I know there’s a lot of very good things you can do with that. But unfortunately Zuma is not something I would try. Is too complex for this platform.


If you are serious about making games, I recommend you to download Unity which is free for developers who make less than $100,000 a year. This platform is the one in which most of the games in the Android Play Store are made. Unity games can handle multiple independent moving entities in the thousands at the same time.


I don’t know this game but I watched a video on Youtube to have an idea of how it works.
Based on what I saw I think it is perfectly possible to be made with Kodular. It didn’t look to be harder or demand more of hardware than a super mario game, for example.
If it will work well in a device with 1GB RAM with 30 others apps installed is another story.

This is completely impossible. This would require game engines and everything has a purpose. Like kodular is for making native apps. You cannot create games like this here. Like that in game engines like unity or unreal, you cannot create such native apps as you can do with kodular. Gaming and apps are completely different genres. But yes you can create puzzle games or quiz games with kodular easily.

You are wrong.


As I said, my comment is based only in a Youtube video that I saw.

Yes @Italo your reply is real making sense to me and I have marked it as a solution
Please I don’t have knowledge with unity I even don’t know which language should I learn and start creating some professional games even more than Zuma I mean games like this
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and this :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I will real appreciate for your guide

I didn’t see if you real understood the features of this game so have more time to do a research on it then you will know it better

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You need to learn C# for unity game engine

Ofcourse you can make

C# is not much hard :sweat_smile:

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Nowadays, you can become a professional mostly by only watching YouTube videos. Searching for “Unity for absolute beginners” brings a lot of very good videos. I suggest you install it and give it a try. Those games you showed are advanced and you will need to learn a lot before being able to do something like that. But Unity is capable of that and much more.

These are the videos for beginners I found.


Ya, that’s not too hard and I learned all basics and enough knowledge to get started in just 10 days.
But, Unfortunately, my pc (pentenum4:sweat_smile:) doesn’t really responds well with unity. And I finally have to uninstall it :cry: :sob:


To expand upon this, Unity made all their official learning courses free as well. You could also look into a different engine called Godot if you want to go open source. It’s not as advanced (4.0 looks like it could be a competitor), but has a great community and plenty of documentation for it as well.


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