Is it possible to download video from Facebook using webview component

Hello great koders today I am trying to download the facebook video but I get this error!
This is the video which I want to download:

I tried this url: DAILY NATION - Covid-19: Positive cases as per estates and Counties - CAS Aman | Facebook
Also I tried this:

My blocks:

The error which I get:

Please is there any other technique to make this work?

This will work for you…

:slightly_smiling_face: Free version is also available for your purpose !


Surely I will appreciate if you serve to me that free version and see how it works!

Please check whether the video you are trying to download is for commercial-use first.

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No it is not for commercial! I have tested multiple url links from Facebook but I can’t download it.
Please @Mateja do you have any other method to do that?

If you plan on earning money in your app and you will use the video, then it surely is for commercial use.
Please check if any other video could be downloaded.
If the other video downloads without any problems, the page owner might’ve disabled video downloading.

I just saw the error message and it is pretty clear. You can’t paste a website like this:

You need to put a direct video URL, you can follow this tutorial: YouTube

Btw, I see that you have changed your avatar to an animated gif, which isn’t allowed. Please remove it before the admins do.

Also, please search the community before asking, this has been asked at least 5 times.