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Download Social Media Posts [ Images/Videos ]

Currently Support : Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter & YouTube Soon i’ll add more.

[ UPDATED 1 : Now You can download YouTube videos too :wink: | Date : 30-03-2020 at 05:53 PM ]
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Hey everyone, After a long gap i am going to share my another extension SMP_Downloader. This Extension allows you to directly download posts ( Images or Videos ) of Social Media platforms like #Facebook, #Instagram etc on your phone. The extension is 100% Free but you can’t use it without API Key that you’ll get from me after purchasing [ PM me if you want to buy ]. Price : ₹150/- Only | $2.5 USD Only.

I’m unable to post any tutorial video but if any of you is interested in making one, kindly contact me. You’ll get the API Key for free for making the tutorial video :wink:

Blocks Screen Shot

:arrow_down: Download Extension : com.cttricks.SMP_Downloader.aix (15.8 KB)

:arrow_down: Download Sample AIA : Waiting for someone to contribute :sweat_smile:

Please suggest me if i should make it supportable to any other social media too. Also if you like this extension Hit :heart: button and if you have any query or suggestion feel free to ask.

Nice work…,:heart_eyes:

Superb ! Very useful … :heart_eyes:

It is not working…I think due to API key…


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good work :heart_eyes:


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its working on mine


Thanks for your response guys! really means a lot to me! :heart_eyes:


Great extension loved it man

congratulations. you’ve done a great project. Works with API makes sense

I deleted your other accounts that you used to respond in this same topic. Next time you will be suspended from the community. Only one account is allowed.


New Update

Now you can also download YouTube Videos using SMP_Downloader AIX :wink:


Now its become more powerful downloader… Superb! This extension can build whole Vidmate app like.

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Isn’t that against YouTube’s ToS?


Apparently yes, but it depends if it will be use in an app that gonna upload it Google store, it will cause lots of trouble, thats why Vidmate is not in playstore. Maybe it will be useful for a native apps only

contact no ??

Definitely @Vishwas, Downloading YouTube videos is against there ToS. But this extension supports downloading post from every social media.[ still including some ] Also it is not mentioned in the aix that it is specially for this and that video downloder. :grin:

If a developer want’s to upload app on playstore and he/she is using this SMPd aix then he can restrict downloads from all those social media who don’t allow this! else those who don’t want to publish they can use it freely

do you have any apps of this extension to test before buying?

No… If you want to test/use it you’ll have to buy the API Key. Sorry :grin:

Does this extension have any download restrictions, or any social network that it will not catch?

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