Create a Video Downloader | 26 Sites including Facebook, Instagram, etc

Hello and Assalam-o-Alaikum to all
Today i will show you how you can create a multimedia download-er without using any aid extension.
For this project, you need an api key. To get an api key, you need to create an account on ths website : Video Downlaoder API Documentation | Keep Save It

The app consists of two layouts.
1-Initial Layout

the components used are given below
Annotation 2020-08-06 203442

Designer View
Annotation 2020-08-06 203542

2-Result Layout
Components used
Annotation 2020-08-06 203503

Designer View
Annotation 2020-08-06 203618


Download AIA file: MediaDownloader.aia (112.7 KB)
Download APK : MediaDownloader.apk (5.3 MB)

The guide is not very descriptive because I dont have enough time. I hope you enjoyed this guide. If yes then let me know with a thumbs up :+1: :+1:


i Saw Same Blocks in @nimra_butt Query.

Was That a Collab.

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even i saw same block in @nimra_butt query even she shared block with me too

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i Think it’s Opensource

Link :

Error :

P.S. I think so he is using demo api key therefore this error occurred

How are you saying 30+ sites. In its documentations it says 26.

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You Have 72 Tabs Opened in Chrome.
Mine Don’t Exeed 10.


i got this error too

this is my app creats but i ma go online url link set in floating butten


Go to the site and get the api key and then use it.
It’s a demo key in the apk I think so

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i did that but still getting that error

The project is mine. She created that query after watching my video on YouTube. She has also commented same question below the video.
The video is not in english.
Make a "Video Downloader" app in Kodular | 30+ Popular Sites | Multimedia Downloader - YouTube


The error is because of the response content. It is not the same for all urls. I will try to fix it.

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It is great to know that it is possible but the website used allow only 5 downloads for minute using the free api key, and it looks like there is not a paid api.

In others cases, in the best scenario there will be possible to make 300 downloads at each hour, and 7200 each day. Even this was really the limit, it would not be much for an app with more than 1k users. If each one 10 downloads for day it would already be more than the app can do. But the real limit is actually a lot smaller. Because if more than 5 people decide to use the app at the same time the sixth won’t get it. And the app would have to limit one download for minute for each user, otherwise one user alone could decide to download 20 files at once and he would prevent any others user to use the app for 4 minutes.

I liked this website very much, I guess I will make a downloader app with it just for training, but for serious projects it is not viable.

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enter the correct key. everything works

@zainulhassan I have watched your project video and followed same steps but it’s not showing HD quality even i used same url which you used in tutorial but it’s showing only SD quality. I also checked your apk and aia but there is only 1 quality (SD). Can you please share HD quality blocks or guide me if possible. Thank’s

Still same error

Guys any idea to make video downloader with no limit

Create your own api key