Turn Off ScreenCapture . (Snapshot and Recording)


This extension allows you to turn off and on the ability to screen capture (which is screenshots, and screen recording) while your app is running. This was co-developed by myself and @Ken. Many thanks to @Franck_G28 and @Coder007 for helping test it.

Download Here

BlockScreenCapture.aix (6.4 KB)



You can use this extension to disable ScreenCapture for apps that require security, or if you want to prevent people from copying images, text, etc. By enabling the block TRUE you have disabled ScreenCapture for the Application window.

  1. You will need to reset it on each screen if you have multiple screens.
  2. You can disable it as you like.

Here is an example of it in use.


Some devices may have a longer flicker, and potentially a pixelation effect. Please let me know if there is something that makes it unusable. Include the Device Type, and Build.

To disable ScreenCapture we have to declare a window filed as Secure. And in order for that setting to take place we have to redraw the entire window. That is why you will see a small flicker, and why in some cases it may be problematic.


What do you mean by capture? Do you mean screenshots, or screen record or both?


Good question. It means Both. Let me correct the description


I wanted to ask because we already have the option to “Disable Screenshots” in Screenshot component. :sweat_smile: It is nice to hear that it disables screen record also, good extension! :+1:


Well ya learn something new every day!

I specifically made this to ensure that you could enable and disable it, and that videorecording would be blocked. Maybe it does the same thing.


Disable screen record function is working nicely.


Hey nice work !!


Woah, Does your Extension work by using the draw over screen Permission?? If it’s using that then i think this is a lot secure than snapchat and other apps

I PMed you the secret sauce

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Can i get extension or aia??

as usual you can find it in the first post of the thread…

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The download link no longer works.

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Use the built-in Screenshot component, it has the same function as this extension.


the download link doesn’t work

Use this in alternative.

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@DevYB thanks i will try it

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cian could you again provide that extension? the link is off.

Does it also block screen-recording?