Screen recording restriction

how to protect to screen recording

my app is a paid learning video app

This will help you

@ramrajput200021 download link not working

there is a option to disable in the screenshot component of kodular Only for screen shot…

not for video recording restriction

did you try? yes i tried…

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DM extension developer to fix download link

@ramrajput200021 not active from 3 month

Now no one can help you fix download link of that extension.

Use default ‘screen capture’ block and unyick it. Simple

did you see this @Still-learning

This will block both screenshot and screen recording…

no it does not as per @ramrajput200021

I have tried wit AZ screen recorder only black screen is recorded…Just try first

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Oh… I didn’t see this… But our suggestions will block both… it won’t allow screenshot or screenrecorder

@Still-learning i already check it… not working with screen recording

Are you telling Screen recorder is not working?

I have used this componant only in my school app to prevent screen shot as well as Screen recorder

ye, is not working

show your blocks plz