Block screen record

hi everybody , I have some of my videos and I want to make them exclusive to those who pay in the application … How do I prevent the user from opening the video and then recording it through the screen recorder ??
I searched for the community and found an extention “block screen capture” but the link Was not working .

Only you can do that if you app can detect any recorder are running (I don’t know if it’s possible). You can’t hide the link to you video, but some app can get link to you video. I’m use android emulator and sniffer software to get all request to my wifi and can see any link i need.
You can used this component to prevent emulator
User here sendme apk with this component to detect emulator and I always can run the apk and get all link request to my wifi.

Disable it from Screenshot component.
And search before you post because this question has been asked so many times.


I don’t find any discuss about this

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There is a discussion in which I answered the same question…
Disable it using screenshot component…

@vknow360 using screenshot component for disabling screen record is not secure. yes, it block all screen record but when you slide down the notification bar of your phone and slide up the notification bar and hold the notification bar above the corner of the phone by doing this it can record the screen when the screenshot is disabled quality is not good but it can to secure this?

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